Advantages for our customers:

  • We provide premium quality windows based on a perfect mix of innovative technologies, quality materials and high effective cost management
  • Windows are the main reason for heat loss in modern houses. Our windows solve this problem
  • Our plastic jambs provide easy installation and mold free solution, you can even install them yourself as it doesn’t require high expertise so you can save money on it
  • We manufacture glazing replacement for broken glass which is ready to be shipped in 3 days (in emergency cases within 24 hours)

Advantages for installers:

  • You are working with premium quality product for under market price, that’s a perfect opportunity to expand your business and make profit
  • In comparison to other tilt-and-turn windows, ours is very easy to install (nail flinch, brick mold with nail flinch, brackets) it does not require high experienced personnel which helps to decrease your costs
  • Our jamb system provides perfect installation in imperfect walls, which is very important in renovations or for hiding construction defects
  • Our jamb system is compatible with hardwood jambs and architectural casing
  • We provide fast replacement for any damaged part(s) and we will send a replacement within 3 day ( in emergency cases up to 24 hours)*
  • Delivery time is 2-3 weeks (depends on a province)

* This replacement is made and delivered in accordance to our warranty policy or by additional order