About Us

GL Advanced Windows was established in 2014 as an importer of high quality modern European style windows with most advanced Gealan S 9000 profile system. 

Our customers enjoy high insulation and low energy bills.

The only thing our customers don't have is a problem with windows and doors.

Our main goal is to provide high quality products for under market price to ensure customers’ satisfaction. We can supply windows and doors for small and large projects and customize them to customer’s needs. We can supply up to 100 windows per day.


Our Windows

We offer premium quality tilt-and-turn energy-efficient windows for under market price.

Triple glazing with effective Low Emission glass, filled with Argon and Krypton, 3 level of gaskets, steel reinforcement, and sealing of a highest quality ensures thermal and sound insulation. The way the windows are operated is senior friendly, easy to use and clean.

We use hard coated Low-E glass which preserves heat and stays in a good condition for over 20 years. In comparison, the regular soft Low-E looses its main advantage within 2 years after getting in contact with oxygen if there any Argon leakage occurs. Hence our desire to use the highest quality materials to provide long term comfort and cost control to our customers.  With our hard coated Low-E glass windows you will be secured against future increasing heat loss.

Our Doors

Doors and windows are the main cause of heat loss in the houses, so it is crucial to make sure that they are of the highest quality. We use modern technology and materials which minimizes heat loss and provides reliable and durable service. All our residential doors have multi-point locking and are found to be suitable for commercial grade installation.

Low threshold option provides easy access which could be more convenient for seniors.



Low-E glass reflects ultraviolet rays that generate heat in the summer and absorb them in the winter. It brings comfort to your home and accommodates the range of temperatures that the house could experience. We use 2 Low-E glasses to obtain a better thermal resistance.

Three layers of glass with gas in between provides excellent  insulation for your home.

Gas filling

We offer high technology Argon filling for both chambers in the glazing unit. We use composite stainless steel back spacers which significantly minimizes gas losses.  


Wide 6 chamber frame provides great thermal and sound insulation, steel reinforcements inside the profile ensures the strength of the window pane, three thermal gaskets and the way our profiles are positioned inside the wall, protecting the coldest parts of a windows pane from contacting the inside of the house significantly improves the window tightness hence thermal insulation.


We use modern and innovative hardware to ensure our customer satisfaction. Using high quality materials is a priority to us.